Collaborating Academic Facility Leadership

Director DDIC 1

Raimar Löbenberg

Director, DDIC

Dr. Raimar Löbenberg is an expert in area of pharmaceutics, drug development and delivery. He is a member of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) expert committee for Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines and chair of the subcommittee for performance testing of dietary supplements, member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Steering Committee for Drug Release and Dissolution Testing and vice chair of Speciality Committee for Pharmaceutical Quality of Traditional Medicines of the World Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicines, and a past president of the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Neil Davies Dean UAlberta Pharmacy Pharm SCI

Neal Davies

Dean, UAlberta Pharmacy & Pharm Sci

As Dean of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Neal Davies is a passionate proponent of the value to be found at the intersection of science and industry. Dr. Davies has over 25 years of experience as a researcher working with industry funders and the National Institutes of Health. While leading the faculty Dr. Davies maintains an active and highly collaborative research program focused on pharmacokinetics and drug delivery and serves on the boards of several pharmaceutical science journals and the Institute of Health Economics.



Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee’s high level skills and expertise in the industry help guide the processes and success of API’s partners and projects.

Launa Aspeslet


Sailaja Bhaskar

Executive Director, R&D, Purdue Pharma

Brian Corrigan

Global Head, Clinical Pharmacology, Pfizer

Robert Foster

CEO, ContraVir

Matt Coffey

CEO, Oncolytics

Jamie Lucien

Biotech Patent Lawyer

Salma Jutt

VP US & Global Marketing, Abbott

Majid Vakilynejad

Senior Director, Takeda

Michael Houghton

Nobel Laureate and Director, Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute

Our Academic Members

Our network of academic principal investigators provide global top 15 expertise in a multitude of fields alongside our industry staff, advisors, and interns.

Dion Brocks

Associate Dean, UAlberta Pharmacy

Arno Siraki

Associate Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

John Ussher

Assistant Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Carlos Velazquez Martinez

Associate Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

John Seubert

Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Candace Necyk

Clinical Associate Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Sherif Mahmoud

Clinical Associate Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Raimar Löbenberg

Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Afsaneh Lavasanifar

Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Tony Kiang

Assistant Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Ayman El-Kadi

Associate Dean, UAlberta Pharmacy

Michael Doschak

Professor, UAlberta Pharmacy

Neal Davies

Dean, UAlberta Pharmacy

Irina Dinu

Associate Professor, UAlberta School of Public Health

Kevin Morin

Assistant Clinical Professor, UAlberta Department of Psychiatry