API and CAN announce partnership to support commercialization and innovation in neuroscience


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Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) is pleased to announce a partnership with Campus Alberta Neuroscience (CAN) to continue to expand innovative research and commercialization opportunities in the neuroscience field.

As a leader in neuroscience research, CAN’s extensive network of experts, combined with API’s expertise in translational science and later-stage drug development, will further accelerate the commercialization of treatments so they can move from the research bench to the patient’s bedside. Through their collaborative efforts, API and CAN hope to improve quality of life for Albertans and patients across Canada, while also establishing Alberta as a hub for neuroscience excellence. API and CAN will also explore opportunities to cross-train students to support the future of neuroscience innovation in the province.

“API’s mission is to bring life-saving research to the real world,” said Andrew MacIsaac, CEO of API. “Through this partnership with CAN, we will be able to leverage the networks and expertise of our collective teams across the province to commercialize therapies more quickly and improve the brain health of Albertans.”

“API and CAN believe in building a strong life sciences sector through collaborative innovation.” Jennifer Dotchin, Executive Director of CAN adds.  “We look forward to building bridges between community, researchers, and industry to accelerate important innovations from ideas – to reality.”

About the Partners

About CAN

Campus Alberta Neuroscience is a joint collaboration between the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge. They are actively involved in catapulting neurological research and the efforts of the academic community to the realm of commercialization and innovation. Together with their partners, CAN pushes towards creating new ways for students, researchers, and industry to work, learn, and innovate collaboratively to help make Alberta the epicentre for brain scientists.

About API

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation is a not-for-profit that works in collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as research and post-secondary institutions across Canada in a network that includes global top 15 expertise in applied pharmaceutical sciences and  commercial drug development, with the stated goal of building a sustainable and vibrant pharmaceutical sector in Canada and establishing Alberta as a world-leading hub for life sciences innovation and  commercialization.