API joins the Canadian Chamber of Commerce-Member network and the Life Sciences Strategy Council


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Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) announced that it is formally a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and will join the ‘Life Sciences Strategy Council’ of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The latter has partnered with public and private sector leaders to create a globally competitive, integrated life sciences sector that spans the entire spectrum of activities from research through manufacturing to the commercialization of innovations.

API will be part of this group that will make recommendations on a Canadian life sciences policy and its implementation to ensure that Canada’s economy is more resilient in the face of future health threats. Their end goal is to build a vibrant ecosystem that will unleash the full potential of this strategic sector, improve outcomes for Canadians and be prepared for future health crises. To accelerate Canada’s progress, the Council will leverage the recently introduced Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy (BLSS) and identify a path forward for the strategy to drive progress. They will critically review the BLSS, and any other Canadian and international strategies to develop specific asks that will help drive real progress towards resilience for the sector and the Canadian economy. 

The Life Sciences Strategy Council will work throughout 2022 to support knowledge sharing, networking, research, and advocacy aimed at bolstering Canada’s standing as a world-class, secure, and sustainable life sciences ecosystem. Together, the Life Sciences Strategy Council will inform life sciences policy through continuous engagement, research, and thought leadership.

Learn more about the council, its members and how we aim to advocate for a more resilient life sciences innovation ecosystem, talent development pipeline and need for more infrastructures to secure Canadians from future health threats.