Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) CEO Andrew MacIssac awarded with a 2022 Edifier Award.


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Andrew MacIssac was nominated for an Edifier (Individual) Award, a category that identifies and recognizes an individual who has/is making a difference in his, her or their community and who exemplifies the energy, focus, innovation and creative thinking that builds this city.

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Edmonton, AB: Andrew MacIssac, CEO at Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) was awarded the 2022 Edifier Award by EDfiy Edmonton. The award honours business leaders, community organizers, coaches, and/or philanthropists who have set a great example for others and are making a difference in the community through their ethical, positive business practices, volunteerism, and willingness to make Edmonton a better place. 

Andrew was recognized for his exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in envisioning and building a platform like API to expand the talent development, innovation and economic opportunities within Alberta and Canada’s life sciences industry. Through his leadership, Andrew steered API to not only become a bridge between academic and industry organizations, but also an organization striving to provide a Canada-wide solution for drug development and manufacturing of critical drugs and innovation.

His passion to advance research while retaining local talent and Intellectual property, has helped API support innovators, spin-offs, and researchers access the resources they require to pursue life-saving drug discoveries.

“It is a tremendous honour to be awarded an Edifier Award this year. There are some truly phenomenal people doing great work in this city, province, and country, and I’m happy to have the privilege to work with some of them. From my little corner of the world, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I’m doing. This should really go to the whole team at API and everyone who is pulling alongside with us,” said Andrew MacIssac, CEO.

The Winter 2022 issue of Edify will honour the contributions, profile the people and tell the stories of those who are contributing to our city’s economy and business community, with a subsequent event in Jan/Feb to bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs, community members and other influential Edmontonians.

The following article will be published in the Winter 2022 issue of Edify.

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