April 2022 newsletter


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Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful April!

We’re excited to participate in some interesting events, committees, and delegations this year. In addition to our involvement in these initiatives, our focus remains on advocating for overall provincial and federal life sciences & economic policies, and to continue highlighting Alberta’s strengths in the life sciences, health, and biotech industry.

In this newsletter, you will see a glimpse of some the conversations we’ve been a part of, our new team members, news about our industry collaborations, and what’s in the works from us to address Canada’s pharmaceutical gap. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

As always, we would love to hear from you. If you’re interested in working with us as a network member, client, or trainee, you can contact us at letsconnect@appliedpharma.ca, or reach out to us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Until next time,

The API Team

API News

API News

Alberta biotech group seeking $85M in federal funding to close ‘critical’ supply-chain gaps: Documents

The biopharmaceuticals sector is witnessing a surge in interest from both investors and national governments amid the global pandemic. The University of Alberta’s Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute and Edmonton-based Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation are seeking federal funding to research and manufacture a suite of vaccines and antivirals to close a “critical” supply-chain gap.

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) announces establishment of team with researchers from Nova Scotia Universities for antiviral drug discovery against SARS-CoV-2 and RNA viruses

Through this academic and industry collaboration, the API and the team of researchers will create a rich training environment for students and postdoctoral fellows, strengthen antiviral drug discovery pipeline against coronaviruses, highlight the existing expertise, infrastructure, and services available for scientists through API to move their research forward.

API joins the Edmonton delegation for the Nashville Business & Tourism Trade Mission

Members of API’s senior leadership team Hana Marinkovic, Director of Corporate Affairs and Micheal Guirguis, Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Data visited Nashville as part of the Edmonton, Alberta delegation for the Nashville Business & Tourism Trade Mission.

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API participated in this year’s Alberta Economic Development Leaders’ Summit & Conference

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API was in Kananaskis this month to take part in Economic Developers Alberta’s annual summit that brings together industry leaders and economic experts from across the province to discuss future sectors economic & growth opportunities for Canada.

As part of the event, we engaged in discussions around the future sector opportunities for Life Sciences, Health and BioTech sectors, and participated in a panel on Alberta’s role in addressing Canada’s. Pharmaceutical Gap.

The API Team

People of API

Hana Marinkovic, Director of Corporate Affairs: Helping People Live to Their Greatest Potential

Life Science organizations and entrepreneurs are innovators who make life-changing and life-saving treatments. The work is incredibly rewarding but what keeps people going?

In a recent interview with Hana Marinkovic, Director of Corporate Affairs at API, we talk about what motivates so many of us in the work that we do and how individual strengths and diversity contribute to the vibrancy and innovation at API and beyond. Hana shares what motivates her and how API is helping people live to their greatest potential.

Nishay Khurram

New at API

We’re excited to introduce you to our new team member – Nishay Khurram who has joined us as a Clinical & Regulatory Analyst.

“Being able to make an impactful change is not always an easy task but by channeling my investigative passion into the regulatory and compliance realm, I have found my niche.

I am excited to be joining API, as along with the vast research and development portfolio, there are ample opportunities to learn and work alongside some of the industry experts.”

Nishay is passionate about the field of clinical research, and brings extensive experience in clinical trials and in-depth knowledge in the Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices to this role.

Welcome Nishay!

Lemuel Latina

New at API

Join us in welcoming our new Project Management Coordinator – Lemuel Latina.

“API acts as a hub for the life sciences and pharmaceutical start-ups and helps them bring in real solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of the general population. It’s very interesting to see how API collaborates with several companies in this sector, and supports them in bringing products from their development stage to commercialization. It is a great honour to be a part of this work!

As a lifelong learner, I look forward to developing my current skill sets and learning new ones in this dynamic environment.”

Lemuel is passionate about working with organizations that are improving health outcomes for people globally and supporting the growth of local start-up ecosystem.

Upcoming events and opportunities

Skilled Newcomer Internships program – APPLICATIONS OPEN

Screen Shot 2022 04 21 at 10.47.12 AM
Screen Shot 2022 04 21 at 10.47.12 AM

The Skilled Newcomer Internships for the Bio-economy provides employers funds in order to integrate skilled newcomers and internationally educated professionals into the Canadian bio-economy. Read more.

Local Life Science & Innovation News

AI Widens Search Spaces and Promises More Hits in Drug Discovery

Besides enhancing the search for small-molecule drugs, AI-based systems are beginning to assist with the discovery and design of biologics. Whatever kinds of drugs and targets are of interest, AI offers two key advantages: the ability to point in new directions that medicinal chemists might have missed, and the ability to rule out areas where they might have wasted precious time.

Cutting Drug Costs From Billions To Millions

Drug discoverers are well aware of this dismal statistic: a promising new drug has only a 5% chance of successfully completing clinical trials and gaining FDA approval. Furthermore, the cost of failure is pretty high as drug development programs can run into billions of dollars depending on the therapeutic area and scale of the program.

Molecules with anti-inflammatory, restorative properties could be key to tackling neurodegenerative disease

GlycoNet researchers have found that gangliosides, a family of molecules with carbohydrate and lipid properties, provide protective effects against neurodegenerative disease and could lead to development of a potential treatment. They are also investigating whether gangliosides could be valuable indicators, or biomarkers, of neurodegeneration.

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