Canurta Inc. announces partnership with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) and Dr. Neal M. Davies of University of Alberta for novel hemp polyphenols-based drug discoveries


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Canurta Inc., the pioneering company behind patent-pending hemp technologies and formulations that targets inflammation at the source has formed a multi-year strategic partnership with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API), a non-profit life sciences institute and Dr. Neal M. Davies, BSc(Pharm), PhD., R.Ph.FCAHS of University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and cofounder of API.

Through this partnership, Dr. Davies and a team of highly specialized experts at API will work alongside Canurta as lead researchers to develop analytical methodology and a set of assays to validate the therapeutic potential of novel non cannabinoid hemp polyphenols. API will leverage its expertise in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), drug development and establish a research and development program focused on completing comprehensive product development for the Canurta’s products.

This partnership will add significant value to Canurta Inc.’s science team and will be instrumental to the company’s drug discovery as the company grows its IP portfolio.

“API’s extensive network and capabilities in drug development along with Dr. Davies’s knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutics and drug delivery will greatly expand our work in finding therapeutic and innovative drugs using novel hemp polyphenols. We’re very excited to work with both partners and continue towards our shared goals of producing safe polyphenols-based therapeutics for reducing chronic inflammation,said Akeem Gardner, Founder CEO of Canurta Inc.

This type of collaboration for innovative research work in drug discovery is the key to the success of Canada’s booming life sciences industry,” said Andrew MacIsaac, CEO, Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation. “We’re very thrilled to partner with Ontario based Canurta Inc. and Dr. Davies from University of Alberta to develop a pharmaceutical R&D program here in Alberta, and test the therapeutic potential of active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations developed using Canurta’s patent-pending novel hemp discovery.”

“I am delighted to partner with Canurta and API, and to have this opportunity to leverage my academic and research experience in creating potential therapeutic treatments and for our work to be a catalyst for many more discoveries in the future,” said Dr. Neal M. Davies, BSc(Pharm), PhD., R.Ph, FCAHS University of Alberta.

About Canurta Inc.

CanurtaTM is a new hemp company with patent-pending, natural solutions powered by hemp-derived polyphenols that support the prevention and recovery from inflammation. Through extensive clinical trials and partnerships with some of the most influential thought leaders in hemp, we are on a mission to prove that Canurta‘s hemp extract can be up to 30 times stronger than the leading NSAIDs, and safer alternatives than opioids, which would make Canurta’s solutions industry leading natural anti-inflammatory products on the market to date. Canurta’s products are the first and only solution that provides dual inhibition of proinflammatory molecules. What’s more, they can be trusted as a first-line therapy to manage the strains, stresses and discomfort caused by inflammatory responses that become hard to manage.

About Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) is a not-for-profit institute making an impact in the life sciences by bridging the gap between academia and industry. With a network of over 100 pharmaceutical scientists, clinicians, regulatory, patent, and market experts, API brings life-saving research to the real world. API has an expert interdisciplinary team that works with collaborating organizations to provide the expertise, services and infrastructure of a pharmaceutical company. API helps innovators launch their ideas into the real world, connects industry to the translational science they need for success, and accelerates all aspects of the drug development process.

About Dr. Neal M. Davies

Dr. Neal M. Davies is an outstanding researcher, administrator, teacher, pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist. He is internationally renowned in drug investigations from discovery to patient recovery. He currently is the President of the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences while also undertaking his duties with University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

He has ~14,000 citations and an H-index >65. Dr. Davies has been a registered pharmacist with the Alberta College of Pharmacists since 1991. He is active in numerous professional organizations/associations, including the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

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Chief Executive Officer

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