The Canadian Center for Hydrodynamics at the University of Lethbridge joins API


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The Canadian Center for Hydrodynamics at the University of Lethbridge and its director Canada 150 Research Chair, Dr. Borries Demeler are combining talents with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Bringing analytical ultracentrifugation to APIs services network out of the University of Lethbridge and launching capacity for industry projects in AAV viral vectors, monoclonal antibodies, nanoparticles, other injectables and gene therapies.

LETHBRIDGE, AB, February 18th, 2020 – API is pleased to announce a new addition to its network as we work to incorporate world class expertise from across Alberta and beyond: the Canadian Centre for Hydrodynamics and Dr. Borries Demeler. Dr. Demeler’s research is in the field of Hydrodynamics with a specialization in Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC), which is a high resolution technique that can characterize solutions based on size, shape, and density. AUC is heavily involved in research and development and quality control in the biopharma industry around the world, and with the help of API it will break into the Canadian Biopharma market.

The benefit of AUC is that there is a higher resolution than traditional analytical methods and standards for calibration are not required. AUC has traditionally been used for biopharma applications, biomedical applications, biomedical research, molecular biology, and structural biology research, but they are now also moving towards material science and synthetic commerce.

API’s extensive industry network will benefit from CCH’s cutting edge technology supporting the Canadian Life Science sector as a whole, while also helping to train new graduates and providing new jobs to the market.“We are pleased to enter into our first collaboration with a center located on the University of Lethbridge campus”, says API CEO, Andrew MacIsaac. “CCH, Dr. Demeler, and his team bring a unique service offering to API that will benefit the whole sector’.

API has launched an initial project with CCH sending trainee Amy Hendrickson from Dr. Demeler’s lab to CalTech to gain training on protocols to produce AAV viral vectors for gene therapy applications, critical for developing GMP protocols for the analysis and characterization of AAV and other viral vector gene editing therapeutics.

About the Canadian Center for Hydrodynamics

CCH is an independent organization that works in collaboration with investigators from industry and academia, in Canada and the United States, to provide solution characterization services including experimental design, protocol development, data analysis, manuscript report preparation, grant applications and FDA applications for analytical ultracentrifugation experiments. CCH offers comprehensive solution characterization services based on problem-solving for research challenges in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, material science, polymer science and related areas of physical sciences. Learn more.