The CCDI will add much-needed capacity to produce and manufacture critical medicines, fortifying Canada’s health system and accelerating the growth of the life sciences industry.

Specifically, the CCDI will equip Alberta to:

  • Build out and equip a new 50,000+ ft² manufacturing facility that will produce critical medicines.
  • Upgrade the 72,000 ft² Biotechnology Business Development Centre (BBDC) to incubate more local companies in the scale-up stage.
  • Produce critical hospital drugs that are high-risk due to market challenges, creating a secure supply of drugs critical to Canadians’ health, and a facility that can be mobilized in the event of a crisis.
  • Propel innovations from researchers across Alberta that will provide life-saving drugs.
  • Create more than 350 jobs in Alberta.
  • Increase API’s ability to support more companies through all phases of drug development, from early drug discovery to clinical trials to manufacturing.
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Upgrades to the BBDC

Anticipated completion for the upgrades to API’s existing 72,000 ft² facility is 2024. This will add facilities and equipment including:

  • An additional Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) lab

  • Core facilities and improvements to enable the incubation of life science scale-up companies

  • Small molecule chemical synthesis, capable of producing 200 liter batch sizes of small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients

New Manufacturing Facility

Anticipated completion and opening for API’s new 50,000+ ft² facility is 2026. This will build out key facilities and equipment including:

  • Sterile/aseptic fill/finish facility, capable of an annual throughput of up to 70M doses

  • Multipurpose robotic filling line for small to medium volumes ranging from 1ml to 100ml; both liquid and powder fill; over 43,000 vials per hour

  • Rotating autoclave for emulsion products

  • 2 to 4 manufacturing suites

  • Cold storage and flash freezer

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