June 2022 newsletter


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Hi everyone,

Summer has been off to a great start for our team and we hope you’ve also been able to enjoy some time outdoors and offline!

From its inception, API has been focused on growing support for start-ups, innovators and talent in the life sciences by creating more opportunities for them to succeed locally. To that end, we’re excited to share the news that we are in the process of finalizing an MOU with the University of Alberta to integrate the Health Innovation Hub (HIH) within API. The HIH has created great resources, infrastructure and platforms for start-ups and entrepreneurs in Alberta’s life sciences and health sectors and we are excited to bring this additional capacity to API. Stay tuned in the coming months for a more formal announcement and information as we expand and align our programming.

Until then, we hope you continue to stay in touch with us and enjoy these monthly updates. If you’re interested in working with us as a network member, client, or trainee, you can contact us at letsconnect@appliedpharma.ca, or reach out to us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Enjoy the warmer days and see you next month,

The API Team

API News

Proposing a Solution for Canada’s Drug Supply Shortage – The Canadian Critical Drug Initiative (CCDI)

As part of a unique-in-Canada partnership, API, the University of Alberta and the Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute (LKSAVI) are developing an integrated research, commercialization and manufacturing life science cluster in Western Canada with partnerships spanning the country. The real remedy to the concentrated overreliance on the import of essential drugs is to increase domestic manufacturing capacity along with equal investment in increasing manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients to produce essential drugs on a large scale.

Members of API’s Leadership Team attend this year’s BIO International Convention in San Diego

Representatives from API’s Leadership Team attended the BIO International Convention this year. The BIO International Convention is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry and attracts the biggest names in biotech, offers key networking and partnering opportunities and provides insights and inspiration on the major trends affecting the industry.

BIO International 2

API presents at 3M Canada’s educational symposium to discuss the future of Canada’s biopharmaceutical sector

3M Canada recently hosted a Biopharmaceutical Symposium in collaboration with BioAlberta, to bring together experts for an in-person event to discuss the future of biopharmaceutical processing and biomanufacturing in Canada. Andrew MacIsaac, CEO, API was one of the key speakers for the event and spoke about Alberta’s Potential in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

People of API

Jason Pincock, Board Member, API: Untapped Opportunity in Alberta’s Life Sciences Ecosystem

There is a huge untapped opportunity in the life sciences innovation ecosystem in Alberta. With some of best research institutions, and Life Sciences & Health organizations present here, we have the potential to truly make a difference. Yet, we see innovators and talent leaving the province to pursue their careers and to take their research forward.

API is changing this narrative: we’re bridging the industry gap by training the next generation of life sciences leaders and bringing life-saving research to the real world.

In this video, Jason Pincock, Board Member, API and CEO, DynaLIFE shares his thoughts on how API is building a future where our ideas turn into a better story and how we have an opportunity to change the lives of our families and those that we love.

New at API


We’re so glad to introduce you to a new member of our API team – Hamdah Al Nebaihi. 

Hamdah has joined us as a Research Assistant and she brings in over 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical sciences to her role at API. Welcome to the team, Hamdah!

“Joining API has been an exciting and rewarding opportunity for me to put my knowledge and experience in pharmacokinetics to good use.
My team members here at API have been very collegial and supportive. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences have provided me with a really unique opportunity to learn and grow as I continue on my career journey as a Research Assistant.”

Upcoming Events

Proud to Support NeurAlbertaTech’s natHACKS 2022

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Every advancement in technology and research leads us closer to creating more personalised solutions that can have a huge impact on improving health outcomes for the people we care about.

As an organization, fostering an innovation culture is very important to us and we take great pride in sharing that we will be one of the sponsors for this year’s natHACKS 2022 by NeurAlbertaTech.

This event like no other, inspires beginners to develop practical neurotech skills and challenging competent hackers to apply themselves in a growing and exciting field. Spanning across two weeks and culminating in a 64-hour hackathon weekend, the event will combine workshops, challenges, and networking opportunities for anyone interested in neurotechnology.

Begins: July 29th, 2022
Ends: August 1st, 2022

Life Science & Innovation News

Creating Canada’s high-tech innovators of tomorrow

In a global competition for talent, Canada is seeking to train the best graduate students to become “highly qualified personnel” — university-educated experts who have the savvy and ingenuity to lead innovation in high-tech industries, government and academia.

HEALTH REPORT: Hospitalization related to chronic hepatitis B and C in recent immigrants in Canada: An immigration administrative data-linked, population-based cohort study

Canadian immigrants from countries where the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) are endemic may be at higher risk of liver-related disease than Canadian-born residents.

Government of Canada announces 119 new and renewed Canada Research Chairs

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced an investment of more than $102 million, in support of 119 new and renewed Canada Research Chairs at 35 Canadian research institutions.

Improving representation in research and clinical trials will create better health outcomes for Canadians

There is a growing recognition of the value in creating clinical trials that are more reflective of diverse populations, as this would advance knowledge and understanding, and ultimately translate into improved health outcomes.