Meet Daniel Hernandez


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Daniel is a Project and Compliance Specialist at API, who works closely with innovators and researchers looking for API’s help in developing their idea from concept to product.

Meet Daniel Hernandez quote
Meet Daniel Hernandez quote

What is your background?

I am a chemist from Mexico with 10 years of experience across the chemical, cosmetic, and health research industries. I came to Canada in 2011 to pursue graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta.

Why did you choose to work at API?

My partner refers to me as the proudest Edmontonian not from Edmonton and jokes about me running for Mayor one day. I am very proud to live in this city and promote everything it has to offer.

When I heard about API and their goal to develop the life sciences ecosystem in Edmonton and Canada, I could not wait to jump at the opportunity. At API I get to contribute to developing an area where Edmonton has great potential, that further contributes to making this city great.

What exactly do you do?

As a Project and Compliance Specialist, I am one of the first points of contact between us and our clients. I help to understand our customer’s needs, and propose different ways that API could support them.

Once the project idea has been developed, I help to create the team that will execute the project, monitor its progress, facilitate communication among the stakeholders, and make sure the project is completed on time and on budget.

In addition to this I provide support in the quality and regulatory areas as needed.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Besides science, I love spending time outdoors – I love cycling, hiking, and running. I hope to run my first full marathon in 2023.

I am very passionate about multiculturalism and promoting mutual understanding among different cultures. Because of this, I started volunteering with the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association in 2016 and I am currently on the Board of Directors as Secretary.