Micheal Guirguis, Director, Clinical Pharmacology and Data: Supporting growth of Canadian Innovators


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Life science innovation happening in Canada has historically lacked opportunities to grow and commercialize here at home which meant that innovators struggled to convert their intellectual property (IP) into life-saving drugs and therapeutics. API is creating a space for dialogue, programming and services to support the commercialization & growth of life science ideas right here in Canada.

Watch this video of our Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Data at API, Micheal Guirguis to learn about how API is helping innovators and the life science start-up community in Canada.

About Micheal Guirguis

Micheal Guirguis is the Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Data at Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation. With over two decades of experience in pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics for drug discovery and drug development process, Micheal leads the design and preparation of clinical pharmacokinetics, clinical study reports, integrated summary documents, development strategies and study protocols at API.

He is passionate about empowering students, recent graduates, and postdoctoral fellows and through his extensive experience in PK/PD, he plays a key role in training them on industry projects through API and helping them begin their careers in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry.