October 2021 newsletter


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Newsletter Header Oct 2021
Newsletter Header Oct 2021

Hi Everyone, 

With two elections behind us, we want to thank those who put their name forward to run for an elected position and each of you who participated by voting in our democratic processes. We look forward to continuing to work with all 3 levels of government and policy makers to ensure that the life sciences remain a priority, to identify industry gaps and advocate for solutions which will help Canada in its economic recovery and long term preparedness for any future pandemic or supply chain crisis.

Our team has been working closely with our network partners, companies, innovators and suppliers on a vision to establish significant manufacturing capacity in Alberta to ensure Canadians will have access to the life-saving treatments and medications they need. We look forward to sharing more about this with you in the coming months.
We were also fortunate this month to celebrate some of our team members during Women in STEM Week. We are proud to contribute to a vibrant life sciences ecosystem that is inclusive and diverse, and want to thank our team members who identify as women for sharing their talent and contributions with us. May future generations of life scientists see your example and follow in your footsteps!
API Women in STEM
API Women in STEM

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Andrew MacIsaac

People of API
Bruna Dutra 1

New at API

We are excited to introduce you to our new Lab Technician, Bruna Dutra.

Bruna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from in Brazil, and a Master’s in Science in Translational Medicine from the University of Alberta. 

“I am very passionate about life sciences research and drug development, and I applied to work with API as soon as I completed my MSc! API offers endless learning opportunities for anyone who is starting their career in the life sciences and I am very excited to learn directly from industry experts.”

Archana Koul 1

New at API

We are thrilled to welcome Archana Koul to the team. She had been working with us as a Postdoctoral Fellow and has transitioned to a new role as a Scientist (S1).

Archana holds a Masters in Plant Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. During her Ph.D., she worked on isolating and characterizing anti-cancerous metabolites along with cloning, gene expression and microRNA studies.

“I have always been curious about the drug development process and its related studies. I saw an opportunity to make a difference by focusing on plant based studies to explore treatments and cures for diseases. As a postdoc, the experts at API were able to mentor me and help me grow into a better researcher. In addition to that, API’s platform and its work culture are so inclusive and empowering for women. This gave me the flexibility to maintain work-life balance while working on projects that one can only dream about!”

Archana Koul, Scientist at API

Archana Koul, Scientist, talks about starting her journey as a Post Doctoral Fellow with API and pursuing her dream project.

One of API’s core priorities is to train students and graduates for meaningful careers in the life sciences. In Archana’s case, it meant moving provinces to pursue her career in translational research with us where she has an opportunity to work on industry projects.

Watch the video of Archana talking about the collaborative learning environment at API, the opportunities it presents and why she chose to work with us.

Upcoming Events
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Canadian Symposium for Computational Neurosciences

We are excited to sponsor the first ever Canadian Symposium for Computational Neuroscience, being held October 26-27, 2021. 

This national symposium will be held virtually and will connect trainees, researchers, and industry representatives from across the country to share knowledge, research and innovation.

Industry News

Diversity among directors and executives in the Canadian life sciences industry

Increasingly, corporations and organizations are recognizing the disparities in the industry and are launching initiatives to improve the level of representation of both women and people of colour in senior roles in life sciences companies.

Seven Important Questions About Covid Antivirals Answered

New medicines may stop the virus from replicating so your immune system can fight a few viral soldiers instead of an army.

Revising Our Regulatory Approach To Oral Antivirals For COVID-19

Oral antivirals could serve as an outpatient treatment for symptomatic COVID-19 infection, post-exposure prophylaxis, and as a therapeutic alternative for individuals unable to receive the vaccine due to medical comorbidities.

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