The Pfizer Applied Clinical Pharmacology Program was created by Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) in partnership with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FoPPS) at University of Alberta with support from members of the Global Clinical Pharmacology team at Pfizer.

The program aims to strengthen development and learning opportunities for students interested in the industry applications of pharmacokinetics, including advanced modeling, and the regulatory pathway of drugs.

The program will enhance the job-ready programming available to students in the pharmaceutical sciences who will be able to pursue new opportunities such as clinical pharmacologists, regulatory affairs professionals, and pharmacometricians.

First recipient talks on program’s value


The first recipient of the fellowship is Hamdah Al Nebailhi, a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Hamdah’s area of expertise is pharmacokinetics, which aims to understand how a drug behaves in the body. During her fellowship with Pfizer, Hamdah has been immersed in a dynamic and innovative environment that’s exploring new therapies by combining knowledge of a disease, clinical trial results, and drug pharmacology to create models that predict drug effects.

“By meeting different professionals from diverse backgrounds, I gained a unique perspective and approach to problem-solving and cross-functional teamwork,” she said.

With this experience, Hamdah is excited about using her skills and expertise to positively impact communities, and she keeps her focus on how new therapies help people impacted by disease and illness. “I’m committed to bring about positive change in people’s lives,” she said.