The Institute of Health Economics and API collaborate to support early economic analysis for spinoffs and startups


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The API is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Institute of Health Economics.

The Institute of Health Economics (IHE) and Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) are creating value through collaboration. The IHE and API have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in the field of economic analysis and health technology assessment to support each other’s aspiration in the development of a broader, stronger, and more vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Successful drug development requires the establishment of a translational team who can move discoveries forward in a regulatory compliant environment,” said Andrew MacIsaac, Chief Executive Officer of API. “Through engagements such as this, API is able to provide a framework that builds these translational teams and unlocks the potential of innovative science within post-secondary institutions. We look forward to plugging IHE’s team into our work to develop solid market cases for SMEs.

As part of the MOU, API and the IHE will explore opportunities to collaborate on an ongoing basis, including promoting and supporting the missions and goals of each respective organization, as well as leveraging each other’s combined expertise.

The best way to bring new innovation from ‘bench to bedside’ is through the power of collaboration,” said Dr. Christopher McCabe, Executive Director and CEO of the IHE. “Engagements such as this one allows us to bring together broadly networked expertise to address significant and often complex research and policy challenges – bridging gaps and bringing the health sector closer together.”