6 Month Update


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It’s been nearly six months since API was launched as an accelerator for innovation and economic development and we are pleased to announce some of our early successes.

17 PARTNERSHIPS WITH SMES, PHARMA, AND THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY – since our launch we have started partnerships with over 17 companies in a wide range of areas, from pharmacokinetics work for large Canadian and international pharmaceutical companies, ADME and toxicology for spinoffs within the TEC Merck Accelerator, to formulation, analytical work, and clinical trials for many of the major players in the cannabis industry.

OVER 15 POST DOCTORAL FELLOWS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS HIRED – we have begun training over 15 employees for the pharmaceutical industry as part of our partnerships, working on real world projects, providing support for local SMES and putting Alberta and Canada on the map with large pharma R&D.

ATTRACTION OF TWO INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES TO ALBERTA – through our work we have developed partnerships that are beginning to bring the pharmaceutical industry to Canada. As a result of our collaborations one of our partners made the decision to be headquartered in the province and is buying a manufacturing facility in Edmonton to be staffed with current trainees working with API.

We’ll continue to keep you updated in the months to come as we’re currently working on much more.