The CCDI will add much-needed capacity to produce and manufacture small molecule drugs, fortifying Canada’s health system and accelerating the growth of the life sciences industry.

Critical Medicines Production Centre

Central to the CCDI is the development of a Life Sciences Campus with a core manufacturing facility – the CMPC.

The CMPC will be a new 83,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility located on a 7-acre plot of land in the center of the Edmonton Research Park – making it Canada’s largest and best-equipped facility of its kind. The CMPC will produce small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and conduct sterile, aseptic fill, and finish of traditional and biologic drugs in capacity ranges required to meet drug shortages and pandemic needs. This will enable significant benefits to the health system, seed and accelerate the growth of local companies across the supply chain, and add much-needed capacity to produce and manufacture small-molecule drugs. 

Critical Medicines Production Centre Aerial SW CloseUp

What will the CCDI do?

The CCDI allows for the production of critical hospital drugs with a wide range of indications including regular pharmaceuticals, that are sole-sourced or at higher risk of supply disruption due to market challenges, ensuring a reliable supply vital to Canadians’ health. The CMPC facility will be prepared and can be mobilized quickly in the event of a crisis. It also includes the capability to manufacture, fill, and sterilize emulsion injectables such as anesthetics. 

Increase Innovation Support
Enable on-site small molecule production for the Canadian market
Provide Economic Growth

CMPC Buildout

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