The BBDC is a 72,000 square foot building with wet lab, office, and meeting facilities.

The process of developing a new drug or medical product is highly regulated, which means it can take a great deal of time and investment before companies see a profit. Facilities that offer flexibility and support like the BBDC are crucial in helping local ideas succeed.

API is the current leaseholder and manager of the BBDC and leases space to building tenants within the life sciences sector to provide them with the infrastructure and equipment required to scale and commercialize life sciences products and services.

Wet Labs: The BBDC offers life sciences tenants access to certified wet labs. Flexible lease arrangements are available for specialized lab spaces with provided heat, water, gas, vacuum, and compressed air systems. Leases grant access to shared equipment and facilities that are prohibitively expensive for one company to acquire.

Office Space: In addition to lab space, the BBDC allows life sciences scaleups to lease office space, so your entire team – from research to operations – can work in the same building. Private and semi-private offices are available with provided power, voice, data, and HVAC. There are also common kitchen and lounge amenities offered to all tenants.

Meeting Rooms: All tenants in the BBDC have access to bookable meeting rooms equipped with video conferencing and presentation equipment.

Interested in space in the BBDC?

We’re happy to speak with you if you’re a life sciences scale-up looking for wet lab and office space in Edmonton, Alberta. Contact us today to inquire about available space, supports, and services!

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