Life sciences isn’t just one thing or one industry. It is the convergence of multiple industries driven to enhance quality of life for everyone, helping people stay healthy and live longer.

In Alberta, we are uniquely positioned and have enormous potential to build a life sciences sector that drives economic prosperity at home and brings more solutions for a better quality of life around the world.

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API’s Role

Life Sciences Applied

API is one of the largest life sciences commercialization organizations in Canada. We are an industry-funded not-for-profit and we provide end-to-end support for life sciences researchers, businesses, and innovators on their path from idea to commercialization.

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API’s Capabilities

Our capabilities

We provide strategic capacity and expertise through fee-for-service support, commercialization programs, training courses, and access to our network of academic, not-for-profit, and industry partners across the country.

We also support the development and retention of life sciences talent. We do this through training programs with post-secondary institutions across Canada and by empowering post-doctoral fellows, students, and trainees in the life sciences with industry project experience.

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Our Ecosystem

Could the next big life sciences breakthrough be right under our feet?

We have all the ingredients. From our strengths in petrochemicals and agriculture that feed life sciences outputs, to the world-class health and burgeoning tech sectors in Alberta, we have what it takes to drive the next big life-saving breakthrough—right in our own backyard. 

By coming together with a shared voice, we can do even more. We can develop and keep more new ideas and intellectual property here. We can bridge the gap between research and commercialization collaboratively. We can attract more talent for an even stronger sector—a benefit for all of us.

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Let’s live life (sciences) to the fullest

Alberta already attracts investors and businesses from around the world because it’s easier to get things done here. We have an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit that you won’t find anywhere else.

We know the potential. That’s why we open our doors and share our expertise, resources, infrastructure, capacity, and scale with our sector partners. We want to build an unparalleled life sciences sector in this province that drives prosperity for all of us.

Together, we can make life (sciences) better for our future.

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