API talks Life Sciences with PrairiesCan


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Prairies Economic Development Canada came to Edmonton to meet with API and other life sciences leaders. We discussed the strengths of the sector, opportunities for growth, and how we can capitalize on the talent in our post-secondaries and industry.

We thank Diane Gray, President, and Joanne Pawluk, Director General of Business Innovation and Community Development, for taking the time to meet with us and learn about the latest developments in our industry.

Our government partners are essential to this sector’s success, and we’re very grateful for their continued support. 

PrairiesCan Tour February 2023
PrairiesCan Tour February 2023

API led a tour of our facilities before the meeting. Pictured left to right are:

  • Jason Ding, FCPA, FCA, Chief Business Officer of Entos Pharmaceuticals
  • Launa Aspeslet, COO of Hepion Pharmaceuticals and API Board Chair
  • Diane Gray, President of PrairiesCan
  • Mark Korthuis, CEO and President of Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation
  • Andrew MacIsaac, CEO of Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation
  • Reg Joseph, CEO of Health Cities
  • Joanne Pawluk, Director General, Business Innovation and Community Development of PrairiesCan
  • Robb Stoddard, President and CEO of BioAlberta