December 2021 newsletter


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Newsletter Header December 2021
Newsletter Header December 2021

Hi Everyone, 

Happy (almost) end of 2021!

We started the year by focusing on keeping the momentum going with our clients and network partners and hoped to continue creating more opportunities for graduates and postdoctoral fellows to gain globally competitive skillsets through API. We spent a significant amount of time planning and collaborating with key partners to understand the industry’s current needs in drug development and what we felt was needed in the years to come.

We officially launched a partnership with University of Alberta’s Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute to create the Canadian Critical Drug Initiative (CCDI). an integrated research, commercialization and manufacturing cluster that would provide a Canada-wide solution for critical drug needs and supply chain shortages.

Earlier this month, the Government of Alberta announced $5.6 million in funding to API which will be used to fund part of the CCDI. The growth of the life sciences sector will be a critical economic driver in Canada and Alberta has a decisive role to play. We see this as being a key component of our ability to create meaningful jobs, ensure that we have the critical capacity to address pandemics, and strengthen Canada’s global competitiveness for drug manufacturing.

In addition to this, we have an exciting ecosystem-boosting collaboration to share with you. API has partnered with Startup TNT to launch a Life Sciences Investment Summit for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to raise seed-level funding for their idea. The applications to participate in this investment summit are open until January 18, 2022 at

With the CCDI, the Life Sciences Investment Summit and initiatives we’ll be announcing in the new year, we hope to continue growing our life science ecosystem here and across Canada.

We hope you’re ending 2021 on a happier note, celebrating all your big and small milestones and taking some much-deserved time off to celebrate the holidays safely with your loved ones.

As always, if you’re interested in working with us as a network member, client, or trainee, please write to us at You can reach out to us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Until next time,

Andrew MacIsaac

People of API
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Helia Hosseini Nejad, Associate Scientist

We’re so glad to introduce you to Helia Hosseini Nejad, Associate Scientist.Helia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Victoria. Prior to joining API, Helia was a part of the ‘Polymer Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery’ (PoND) program at UVic during her master’s program through where she completed her internship with Ceapro Inc.
“It was so great to see how invested API as an organization is in talent development. With my education background, it was a perfect place to start my career. I’ve had the opportunity to work on industry projects and to develop specialized skills that will help me stand out in the global talent pool. I am excited to continue working with API and contribute to the development of innovative drugs and treatments.” Helia Nejad
API in the News
Screen Shot 2021 11 12 at 10.59.50 AM
Screen Shot 2021 11 12 at 10.59.50 AM

The Government of Alberta announces $5.6 million in funding to Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation for the Canadian Critical Drug Initiative (CCDI)

Early in December, the Government of Alberta announced funding to strengthen Alberta’s life sciences and pharmaceutical sector.

We are excited to share that API will receive $5.6 million funding to build the Canadian Critical Drug Initiative (CCDI) – Canada’s first integrated research, commercialization, and manufacturing cluster to ensure security of supply of critical medicines at commercial volumes. This will not only strengthen the sector but increase Canada’s global competitiveness for manufacturing essential drugs for the future, and help Canadians fight against the current COVID-19 and future infectious disease outbreaks.

More information is available here.

Startup TNT Life Sciences Investment summit newsletter
Startup TNT Life Sciences Investment summit newsletter

Seed-stage funding opportunity for Life Sciences entrepreneurs & innovators

The Startup TNT Life Sciences Investment Summit is a unique platform created in partnership between Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation and Startup TNT to empower innovative ideas, invest in life sciences discoveries and build a community of life sciences start-ups and investors.

Applications are now open for innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to apply for an opportunity to pitch for seed-stage funding:

Industry News

Progress report on post-secondary transformation

Alberta’s government has taken action on several key initiatives to equip Albertans with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Over the past several months, the government has made key investments and system improvements to help achieve the vision and goals of the Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs strategy – a transformational vision, direction and new way of working for our province’s higher education system.

Investment leverages $170M to accelerate innovation

An investment of more than $22 million through the Alberta government’s Research Capacity Program will support research infrastructure and technology development at the University of Calgary. The funding will support 11 research projects that will attract new talent and investment to the province. Read more about Alberta’s research Capacity program here.

Female business founders want funding, not mentorship

This fall, the Globe covered the jaw-dropping information about how little venture-capital funding female startup founders receive: just 2.3% of the worldwide total in 2020. 

How technology could transform drug research in 2022

A GlobalData survey this year revealed that over 70% of pharma industry respondents anticipate drug development will be the area most impacted by the implementation of smart technologies. Pharmaceutical Technology takes a look at some of the innovations and approaches that could transform drug research in 2022.

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