Synergizing Solutions: Building a thriving ecosystem that enhances quality of life


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Agricultural engineers working in field

The world’s first anti-viral for a chronic disease that has affected more than 400 million lives was discovered by Alberta researchers.

The first net-zero integrated ethylene cracker and derivatives complex, set to revolutionize the petrochemical industry, is to be built in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

A blackleg-resistant strain that saved Canada’s multibillion-dollar canola industry was created in Alberta.

In Alberta, we are uniquely positioned and have enormous potential to build a life sciences sector that drives economic prosperity at home. But what do the petrochemical and agriculture industries have to do with this?

Life sciences isn’t just one thing or one industry.

From developing critical drugs, to decarbonizing the petrochemical industry, to safeguarding agricultural food resources, leading sectors in Alberta are all driven to enhance quality of life. Ingredients from the petrochemical sector fuel life sciences discoveries like small molecule pharmaceuticals, while ingredients from the agriculture sector fuel natural health projects. These are just two examples of how the strength of one industry can support the strength of another.

With a nearly $2 billion industry in 2023, Alberta’s life sciences sector balances at the forefront of innovation and continues to drive transformative research, discoveries, and treatments that have not only improved lives locally but have also made a lasting impact on a global scale. 

Intersections between our Alberta ecosystem and others highlight the unique and highly competitive position we can have in a globally competitive landscape, presenting enormous potential for sustained economic growth and development. By leveraging the synergies between these fields, Alberta’s life sciences sector is poised to continue driving innovation and shaping the future of healthcare, and more. 

However, achieving success is not an easy route. Behind every successful research and scientific breakthrough lies a nuanced process of bringing the discovery to life. It takes not one, but a cluster of leaders that share a common goal to propel these innovations forward.

Accelerating solutions

A lack of capacity to commercialize life sciences research remains one of the barriers in advancing the next big life sciences breakthroughs. As more life sciences companies emerge locally, the demand for expertise, capacity, and cost-effective support for innovators in all phases of product development becomes increasingly crucial. 

Scientists working at the lab

To foster a more conducive environment for commercialization in Canada, we offer essential services accessible to industry and innovators in and outside of Alberta. Our wide range of capabilities fall in two categories:

Business & Regulatory

Strategic business development and diligent compliance to regulatory and clinical requirements play a critical role in facilitating smooth business operations in this highly regulated sector. Adhering to these processes can be challenging without the support of industry experts, who can provide valuable insights to help secure the success of life sciences companies.

API offers core business and regulatory services for life sciences companies, including Business Development & Partnership Lead Generation, Clinical Strategy & Services, and Regulatory Strategy & Compliance. These services help companies optimize their operations, identify growth opportunities, and navigate the complex clinical and regulatory landscape, which are all essential for the sustainable growth and success of life sciences companies.

Research & Manufacturing

Discovering and translating research to tangible health solutions requires an intricate and time-intensive process. While many researchers are highly skilled at conducting scientific practices, not all life sciences companies have enough expertise and capacity to advance their research and development.

From providing rigorous data analysis, to optimizing clinical development processes, and to empowering a seamless transition from molecule to market, API can offer research and manufacturing support tailored to various therapeutic areas. This includes pharmaceuticals and biologics, medical devices and diagnostics, natural health products, health technologies, and other innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare.

The power of collaboration


API is here to share our expertise, resources, infrastructure, capacity, and scale with both innovators and industry so we can collaboratively bring more ideas and research to the market. However, in recognizing the need to close the gap between research and commercialization is not done in isolation, we also collaborate with a wide network of experts and industry partners across our life sciences ecosystem to make things happen. 

Our capacity and expertise can only go so far if we go it alone. We need a shared voice so we can bring more attention to the life sciences. Through collaborative efforts and a dedication to improve lives, we all strive to build an unparalleled life sciences sector that drives economic prosperity for all. Together, we can continue making significant contributions and be a driving force behind life-saving solutions by harnessing the power of research, technology, and expertise in the industry. Our impact for building this sector is far greater if we do it together.

We have seen remarkable advancements and breakthroughs that have shaped the life sciences landscape and transformed lives. Home to top-tier institutions, an emerging venture capital hub, and a burgeoning life sciences ecosystem, Alberta has all the right ingredients to propel the life sciences sector forward. Through our shared dedication to advancing science and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we can further create synergized solutions to build a thriving ecosystem that propels the industry forward and ultimately enhances quality of life, helping people stay healthy and live longer.