API joins panel discussion on ‘The Vision of Healthcare and Personalized Medicine’ at the NanoCanada – From Earth to Space Conference

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Members of API’s senior leadership team attended this year’s the NanoCanada  – From Earth to Space Conference, a three-day conference hosted by NanoCanada to enable industry-wide conversations on the convergence of emerging technologies like quantum, nanotech, biotech, and artificial intelligence and the need to collaborate across disciplines to solve our planet’s greatest challenges.

This year’s event focused on the three themes that will help initiate meaningful discussions on collaboration in health, sustainability, and the future. 

As part of this conference, Andrew MacIsaac, CEO, API participated in a panel discussion on the topic ‘The Vision of healthcare and Personalized Medicine’. The discussion focussed on the future of health technologies & precision medicine, and the need for collaboration across academia, industry, and all levels of the government. The panelists further discussed the urgent need to look at #health as an investment, and consciously take steps towards supporting stakeholders at all levels in the ecosystem and industry.

Overall, it was an insightful session highlighting the current state of the industry, upcoming technologies that will revolutionize personalized medicine in the life sciences and drug development industry, and how organizations and governments can ensure equitable access in the future of healthcare and development of medicines.