API presents at 3M Canada’s educational symposium to discuss the future of Canada’s biopharmaceutical sector

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3M Canada recently hosted a Biopharmaceutical Symposium in collaboration with BioAlberta, to bring together bioprocessing experts for an in-person event to discuss the future of biopharmaceutical processing and biomanufacturing in Canada. The event was hosted in Calagry on June 21 and in Edmonton on June 22. 

Andrew MacIsaac, CEO, API was one of the key speakers for the event and hosted a session on the topic Alberta’s Potential in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

Overall, the symposium provided attendees with an opportunity to learn from industry experts and network with their peers from the industry. 

Biopharmaceutical Symposium by 3M Calgary June 21
Biopharmaceutical Symposium by 3M Canada in Calgary, June 21.