EVENT UPDATE: API is proud to sponsor The first Canadian Symposium for Computational Neuroscience

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API is sponsoring the first Canadian Symposium for Computational Neuroscience organized by Computational Neuroscience Scientific Advisory Committee and Campus Alberta Neuroscience happening on Oct. 26-27.  

The overarching goal of this virtual symposium is to bring together the national and international computational neuroscience community to share knowledge, research, and innovation, and form collaborative partnerships to advance this rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field.

This event connects trainees, researchers & industry representatives from across Canada to discuss the innovative research that is happening in the industry and hear some great panel discussions and presentations. The programming includes panel discussions, research presentations, a facilitated researcher collaboration session, and a keynote presentation by Geoffrey Hinton, a world renowned cognitive psychologist and computer scientist who is famously known as the Godfather of Deep Learning

Read the event program here: CSCN event program

For more information: https://www.albertaneuro.ca/ccns/