Health Innovators’ Meet Up – Life Sciences Investment Summit Finale Alumni Companies Panel

Event Date: March 14, 2024
  • Past Event

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Join us for a panel discussion with several alumni companies from past Life Sciences Investment Summits.


The Health Innovators’ Meetup is an award-winning educational series brought to you by API and the Health Innovation Hub at UAlberta.

This platform is designed to convene researchers, entrepreneurs, students, health innovators, leaders, service providers, and enthusiasts. It serves as a dynamic space where participants can delve into crucial health and life sciences innovation topics, gain access to invaluable information, and contribute to the cultivation of a robust community.

Each month unfolds as a unique experience, featuring a variety of topics in different formats such as panel discussions, workshops, pitch competitions, and other interactive activities, all thoughtfully curated to provide rich learning experiences. Complemented by purposeful networking sessions, this meetup serves as a conduit for building meaningful connections among participants.

Through this initiative, we shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by our innovators, actively work to diminish barriers to information for health and life sciences enthusiasts, and foster an environment that facilitates increased access to knowledge sharing.