Hana Marinkovic, Director, Corporate Affairs: Enabling Local Life Science Commercialization


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API’s mission is to enable life science commercialization locally.

Innovators and Researchers in Canada have to follow multiple steps within a complex pathway to convert their idea from research into a real drug or a therapeutic. Navigating this pathway can be very challenging. So how do we ensure that commercialization stays local?

API is helping innovators navigate this pathway, retaining local talent, attracting investments in the local economy and championing commercialization in Canada.

In this video, Hana Marinkovic, Director, Corporate Affairs talks about API’s network model and the support we can provide innovators to navigate the complexities in Canada’s regulatory approval process. With API’s help these innovators and start-ups can anticipate their next steps, as well as access a team of experts, world-class facilities, and equipment to empower their ideas for commercial success.

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About Hana Marinkovic

Hana is the Director, Corporate Affairs for Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation, a life sciences not for profit organization based in Western Canada. With over 15 years of professional experience, Hana is a well-respected relationship builder and strategist who has worked in roles supporting government, stakeholder and economic development priorities. She has served as Chief of Staff for a Provincial Premier and other levels of government, managed political campaigns, and led engagement and outreach for the largest regulatory association in Western Canada.

Hana is also an avid volunteer with the Edmonton Region’s Canadian Mental Health Association Board of Directors and the Peter Lougheed Leadership College at the University of Alberta.