May 2022 newsletter


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Hi everyone!

We hope that you’ve been enjoying some great Spring weather wherever you are and that the change of seasons is a welcome one!

This months newsletter has some exciting updates from our end which you can read more about below. Last week, we were excited to announce our third academic-industry collaboration to support research projects and novel antiviral and small-molecule drug development against the current and future coronavirus variants. These partnerships have been a huge step for us to support the current transition into an endemic and for future pandemic preparedness. 

We also joined a trade mission delegation to San Francisco and were happy to represent Alberta and Edmonton’s life sciences sector in conversations with business leaders and officials. We’ve continued our advocacy with multiple levels of government for domestic drug development and manufacturing, as well as for advances in overall provincial and federal life sciences and economic policies. 

We share these updates with you monthly as a way for you to stay in touch with our team and get to know the latest news and updates from API. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

As always, we would love to hear from you. If you’re interested in working with us as a network member, client, or trainee, you can contact us at, or reach out to us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Until next time,

The API Team

API News

API partners with the University of Waterloo scientists to develop broad-spectrum small molecule therapeutics against coronaviruses

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) and a team of researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have collaborated for the development of potential therapies and drugs to prevent and treat coronaviruses. The API team and investigators will work together to design and develop small molecule therapeutics to fight the current and the future variants of coronavirus.

This announcement comes as API’s third academic-industry collaboration this year to support research and drug development of antivirals and drugs against the coronavirus variants and contribute to Canada’s pandemic preparedness. Read more about this announcement and our other collaborations here.

Andrew MacIsaac, CEO, was a panelist in this year’s Executive Summit Series for Life Sciences. Watch the video on ‘Positioning the Life Sciences as an Economic Growth Vector’

Coming out of the pandemic, Canada has the opportunity to improve the business environment for the biotechnology and medical technology sectors. However, to be a global leader, Canada needs to adopt a cohesive policy framework that reduces regulatory burdens, extends favorable tax treatment to drug and medical technology manufacturers, offers attractive terms to build factories, invests in the expansion of advanced manufacturing capabilities and provides funding to build a STEM-educated workforce. This session explored the strategic priorities for the federal government to ensure the life sciences sector becomes a more powerful driver of economic recovery and growth.

Micheal Guirguis, Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Data at API was a panelist at this year’s Alberta Technology Symposium. Watch this video on ‘Transformations in Health Technologies’

The Canadian health care system is undergoing an innovation revolution, with the emergence of innovative new ways of predicting health outcomes, treating chronic conditions and enabling a better standard of care for patients.

API joins the delegation for San Francisco Trade Mission

As part of a Trade Mission to San Francisco, Andrew MacIsaac, CEO, and other regional delegates connected with business leaders across different industries to discuss the growing ties of both regions and the investment opportunities available in Edmonton and Alberta.

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People of API

Employee Spotlight

Dixie Warren is an Administrative Assistant at API and she is a phenomenal support for our executive and operations teams. While juggling many responsibilities at work, she also manages to keep in touch with her love for languages, travel, gardening, and storytelling. Through her life and work experiences, she has been able to fulfill her passion to get to know different people and places around the world.

Employee Spotlight Dixie Warren May 06
Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Student Work Placement Program – APPLICATIONS OPEN

The Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) is an initiative by Biotalent Canada to increase the job-readiness of students registered in STEM, healthcare, business, and all other programs at Canadian post-secondary institutions.

API joins Amii as a Talent Bursary Sponsor for AI Week 2022

AI Week Talent Bursary Sponsor API May24 1

AI Week presented by Amii is a week-long celebration (May 24-May 27) of Alberta’s growing AI ecosystem. As part of this event, API has joined Amii as of the sponsors for the Global Talent Bursary program that will facilitate upwards of 500 guests to attend AI Week in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

API to attend the BIO International Convention 2022

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The 2022 BIO International Convention is taking place in San Diego this year and we’re excited to share that API is going to be a part of this incredible event.

The convention will feature 100+ interactive sessions across 4 days covering a variety of therapeutic areas, business development, digital health, patient advocacy, public policy, and next-generation biotherapeutics, and the latest updates from industry experts on COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Life Science & Innovation News

Boosting Tech Innovation across the Province

The Alberta Innovation Network plays a strategic role in helping Alberta innovators and entrepreneurs have access to the supports they need to bring their products and solutions to the market and grow their businesses. The province will invest $18.7 million over three years in the eight regional innovation networks to foster and support high-potential startups and entrepreneurs, help diversify the economy and create jobs.

Executive Summit Series 2022 – Life Sciences

The pandemic exposed the fragility of our healthcare systems and demonstrated the central role that the life sciences sector plays in our health and economic well-being. It also revealed the importance of building resilience driven by better adoption of health innovations. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Summit examined the barriers to creating a whole ecosystem approach for the life sciences industry and the ways our economy can become pandemic-proof in future.

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