November 2021 newsletter


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Hi Everyone, 

In our last newsletter, we shared our plan to establish significant manufacturing capacity in Alberta to ensure Canadians will have access to the life-saving treatments and medications they need. We have been working on this vision for quite some time now and we couldn’t be happier to finally share this update with you.

We’ve partnered with University of Alberta’s Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Instituteto launch the Canadian Critical Drug Initiative (CCDI). This will be Canada’s first integrated research, development and manufacturing cluster. It will primarily develop Canada’s capacity to domestically manufacture small molecule drugs and key essential drugs in urgent need. Through this initiative, we want to:

  1. Provide a long-term solution for essential drug needs in the event of another pandemic or supply chain shortages.
  2. Provide innovators, start-ups, and organizations with an opportunity to commercialize their pharmaceutical IP and innovations within Canada.
  3. Establish a collaborative R&D program with academic institutions across Canada to train technicians and scientists to become highly qualified personnel (HQP).

We look forward to sharing more about the CCDI with you in the coming months as our conversations with partners across the country and all levels of government continue.

Aside from CCDI, we also wanted to share the amazing news about API’s participation at the High Level Forum Annual Summit (HLF) that was hosted by GIANT Ecosystem in Grenoble, France from November 7-9 2021. We were part of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region delegation along with Edmonton Global and Innovate Edmonton to discuss innovation, the strengths of Edmonton’s Life Sciences sector and to promote Edmonton as a key destination for industry investments and growth opportunities. Overall, the event was a huge success and we are very grateful to be part of representing Edmonton on a global platform like HLF.

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Andrew MacIsaac

People at API
Shadab Picture

Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow

We’re so glad to introduce you to Dr. Shadab Alam who has been part of API as an industrial postdoctoral fellow through the MITACS fellowship program.At API, our primary focus has been to train and empower postdoctoral fellows through real-world projects. With the help of our network partners, we are creating opportunities for postdoctoral fellows to continue their research while also gaining industry experience. In the long run, this will help develop them as highly qualified personnel (HQP) and empower them to pursue careers in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

“I am very thankful to Mitacs and API for supporting and empowering researchers like me to pursue their passion. Through the fellowship program as a postdoc, I have gained considerable expertise in designing in-vitro and in-vivo studies and I am leading research in the development and validation of various analytical methods at API.” Shadab Alam

API in the news
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U of A-industry partnership poised to close Canada’s drug supply gaps

The Canadian Critical Drug Initiative aims to transform Alberta into a powerhouse in the development of life-saving therapies.

Scientists hope to link lab bench with pharmacy shelves through Edmonton drug plant

University researchers and drug developers in Edmonton are joining forces to create what they say will be Canada’s first facility that can take the latest scientific pharmaceutical insights from the lab through clinical trials to the marketplace.

Industry Event

Startup TNT’s Investment Summit Finale is here

15 companies from Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan will be pitching for funding at the Startup TNT’s Investment Summit IV Finale. The event is supported by over 80 investors who have been working together to conduct due diligence on 60 prairie companies and will be making their investment decision live at the TNT Investment Summit on Nov 18.

Register now to be a part of the LIVE audience online or in-person at one of the event locations.

Life Sciences Fellowship Opportunity
Innovate Calgary logo

The Life Sciences Fellowship

Innovate Calgary is currently accepting ‘Expression of Interest” for their Life Sciences Fellowship program. Check out the below link to learn more about the program, the start-up and fellow eligibility criteria, funding support available, etc.