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API is hosted by the University of Alberta's Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

API is based out of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, including its primary facilities, the Drug Development and Innovation Centre and the Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory. 

Drug Development and Innovation Centre

The DDIC provides significant capacity to API and serves as a nexus for many of our service offerings, particularly our formulations and GMP capacity as well as our licenses relating to cannabis and other controlled substances.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory

The PAL provides API’s analytical infrastructure, including 600MHz NMR, GCMS, LCMS/MS, HPLC, MicroCT, and many other niche capabilities.

Collaborating Institutions

API is founded on the principal that in order to truly build an innovative and vibrant life sciences sector we must provide a framework that trains highly qualified persons on industry projects at the pace of industry while pulling together the expertise of Canadian research intensive institutions.

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Provide access to infrastructure and research facilities

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Provide expertise and students

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Provides projects, staff, guidance, and a framework

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

We work together with Amii on applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in drug development, from in silico screening to clinical trial design.


We work closely with the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre as a partner facility, providing capacity to NACTRC in clinical trial design, PK/PD, and more.

Alberta Health Services

We work with members of AHS across the province, collaborating on clinical elements of our work.

Institute of Health Economics

We work closely together with IHE providing economic and health technology assessments for startups in the API innovator program.

Edmonton Health City

We work with Health City in attracting and retaining life sciences investment to Alberta, in addition, API’s downtown office is colocated with Health City.

Canadian Glycomics Network

We work with GlycoNet as a partner in developing and advancing innovations in glycomics as well as providing companies with world-leading expertise in the field.

Collaboration is at the core of what we do.

We’re proud to work with our academic, not-for-profit, and industry partners. Together, we are redefining how educators and innovators build a sustainable and vibrant life sciences industry in Canada.