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From small molecule to biologic and beyond, PAL has the capacity to undertake complex characterization, imaging, and analytical projects of any size, shape, or form.

PAL’s capabilities include a 600MHz Bruker Avance III NMR Spectrometer Facility, multiple LC-MS/MS, over 15 HPLC, GCMS, as well as various niche equipment in associated labs and Health Canada site licences for most restricted substances.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

PAL’s NMR facility has a 600 MHz capacity, which allows for greater sensitivity and a higher resolution which both contribute to easier and more efficient interpretation of results.



PAL has two LCMS/MC (Triple Quad) systems, including one with a electrospay unit for rapid molecular weight confirmation and structure identification.

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PAL has a network of over 15 HPLCs with various validated assays for analysis and quantification.

PAL’s niche expertise and capabilities expand far beyond its core offerings.

In addition to its core functions, PAL includes access to various niche expertise in associated labs including in vivo MicroCT, clinical chemistry analysis of biological samples, electron paramagentic/spin resonance,  differential scanning calorimitry, and much more.

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