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We empower commercial development in the Canadian life sciences industry.

Based in Edmonton with a satellite location in Calgary, API works to build and support the life sciences sector across Canada through fee-for-service support, programs to help startups forge a path to commercial success, and training for students and postdoctoral fellows. We help companies and innovators with the commercialization of pharmaceuticals & biologics, medical devices & diagnostics, natural health products, health technologies, and more.

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Our impact in life sciences

With a network of more than 100 scientists, clinicians, and regulatory and patent experts, API provides the technical and scientific capacity for life sciences companies to translate scientific knowledge into practical applications.

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API’s Key Initiatives

Our focus on building a vibrant life sciences ecosystem and fostering the growth of the sector extends to strategic partnerships that bridge key industry and economic gaps. These collaborations connect industry with academia, innovators with investors, and facilitate the seamless transition from intellectual property (IP) to commercialization.

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Collaboration is at the core of what we do

We believe that by working together, we amplify the life sciences sector’s potential for achievement and success. Through strategic partnerships, interdisciplinary collaborations, and shared expertise, we accelerate more discoveries and build a brighter future for the life sciences industry and human health.

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