• Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

    We’re bringing
    life-saving research
    to the real world

  • Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

    We’re training the next
    generation of life
    science leaders

  • Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

    We’re working to
    bridge the gap
    in drug development

    commercial projects
    in value created for life science companies
    network experts & advisors
    SMEs, scale-ups & spinoffs supported

    Our interdisciplinary network of academic & industry leaders delivers expertise in product development while training the next generation of life science leaders

    We train, commercialize innovation, and support life science scale-ups in an industry-led collaborative network model. We focus on business, regulatory & patent strategy; regulatory compliant toxicology; synthesis; formulation; PK/PD; clinical trial design; and take a compound all the way from the research bench to the patient’s bedside.

    support Researchers and Start ups

    What is API?

    We are a not-for-profit that partners with industry, leading experts and post-secondaries to empower life science commercialization. We support innovators looking to scale-up, and leverage post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students to bring life-saving research to the real world while training them on industry projects.

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    What do we do?

    We build translational teams that bridge the gap between academic research and industry in a timely manner while keeping IP with the funder. We work in collaboration with industry, post-secondaries and partners to deliver leading drug expertise ensuring success in commercial development.

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    How do I get involved?

    We provide the support of a full pharmaceutical company to academic researchers who have an idea. We help Industry access research innovation in a framework that supports commercial success.

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